Having a Good Credit Score

Establishing a good credit score is important for any person looking to get a loan. It is an excellent way to put yourself in a good position to acquire money from financial institutions such as banks and microfinance establishments. One way of ensuring that you have a good credit rating is to ensure that you pay back all the money you may have borrowed. You should expect an interest rate to be charged and most importantly the payment has to be on time.

Here are some benefits of having a good credit score.

Loan and Credit Card Approval

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When you possess a high credit score, banks will be open to give you loans for business or personal use. This is because your credit records prove that you pay on time. Another perk you may enjoy is getting quick approvals of credit card applications. These are only given to elite members who ensure that their rating is excellent at all times.


With a good score, you can negotiate on lower interest rates on a loan or a credit card plan. This is contrary to a person with poor credit scores. Your scores make it hard to earn the trust of a loaning institution, therefore, have low leverage to negotiate.

Acquire Property

Crazy enough, many landlords avoid dealing with potential tenants who come to them with bad credit scores. This is because they don’t want to put themselves in a position that may cause them to make losses. Having a good credit rating will ensure you better your chances of acquiring a house lease.

Purchase Goods on Hire Purchase

If you intend on buying a product on credit, say using a payment plan. It is important to ensure you have good credit ratings before approaching the seller on this matter. Sellers look for customers with good credit scores as an assurance of payment.

Unsecured Debt

One can easily acquire debt with no guarantor or collateral on the line. This is normally pegged to the assumption that people with a good credit score always pay back their debts. Therefore, there is no need to ask for collateral when they ask for a loan.

Good Financial Reputation

People put themselves in excellent financial postions when they have a good credit score. It is always advisable to ensure that you maintain a good credit score. You never know when you may need emergency funds that you have to borrow from financial institutions.

Toni Varney Author