My IEM Round Up - 116 Earphones Compared and Counting!

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Welcome to my IEM round up, which is my best way of making a direct comparison between all the many IEMs i have owned and tried while i have been through this hobby. Now originally it was one big list but it got to a point where it was too big and you could not read it properly so i have decided to break it down into price points and it should be a lot easier that way. The first price range will be for the universal IEMs that are over £180.

Universal IEMs over £180

I know once you get over 180 pounds your still going to have a varied budget but there would not be enough IEMs in each section if i was to break it down any more so i think over £200 will work well. I have decided that i will also include discontinued IEMs in this range as they can be unpredictable on what they sale for but bare in mind that they could of course be had for much cheaper.

Universal IEMs Between £100-£180

Still have a fair amount too spend but are a bit more limited that you have to sat under 180 pounds (300 USD) because perhaps you want to build a rig along with it. There are still some great options in this range though that do come close to rivaling some of the best IEMs ever made!

Universal IEMs Between £50-£100

Want to keep it under £100 pounds then these are the options for you. This is a price range that has just hundreds of options and i have tried to test out the most interesting ones. It is really amazing me how much this price range is improving in terms of performance.

Universal IEMs Between £25-£50

Want a great sounding gym IEM that is easily replaced and not going to dent the wallet or maybe just something you will always have on you in case you forget you main pair then this price range may be for you!

Universal IEMs

If you really do not have a lot to spend on some IEMs then all is not lost as there are still some worthy options but also some real rubbish.

Universal IEMs that I have Auditioned

That is it for UIEMS that i have owned but i have also extensively listened to some that i felt like i know enough to assign scored to in comparison to the above graphs.

Custom IEMs

Although when you do get too the steeper price range CIEMs and universal IEMs will be directly competing for you money (as well as some of the models i own will be in the cheaper price ranges) i have decided to keep them separate as some things are directly different such as how they will fit and isolate as well as an overall buying process with these having to have ear impressions taken for them, ear impressions will then have to be shipped by you to the manufacturer and you also have the potential threat of having to make refits with new ear impression. Because of this and the fact they are mostly hand made to your ear, while most of the best universal IEMs are pretty much off the shelf and you can order and expect them with in the week, CIEMs are a much longer process and one that can end up becoming a lot pricier if you can not get the fit right.

Custom IEM Universal Demos

Some CIEM companies understand that it is hard to purchase an IEM that you have never heard and make universal demos to allow potential customers try the products first. Now as they are universal fit they are of course effected by tip choice and it is claimed by anyone offering universal versions to try that they do not offer the full performance of the finished custom product but mainly just give a taste of the soundstage.  I have tried a few universal demos as you can see below and if the name i bolded then that signifies that i have owned them and if not bolded then i have only auditioned in good listening conditions.


Earbuds are something that should be taken very seriously and while they do not offer any or much isolation they can sound fantastic in their own right.