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Boost Your Immune System with These Healthy Habits

Feel like you’re getting sick all the time? Your immune system might be weakening. Once in a while, this is bound to happen, whether it’s caused by the change in climate, fatigue, or pre-menstrual symptoms. There are a lot of ways on how you can increase your immune system. Here are some of those ways.

natural remedy bowlNatural Remedies Instead of Drugs

Often when we feel sick, we immediately look for medication or drugs so that you can be relieved of the pain as fast as possible. However, your body is smart. It will develop a way to reject the medicine once it is used to the medication, which requires you to get a stronger medicine. This will go on until even the most potent dose in the drugstore can’t relief you, and you need to take drugs from the hospital. Stronger drugs have more negative effects on the body, especially on your kidneys. A lot of studies has proven that taking too many medications can lead to kidney failure or the development of anti-immune diseases.

The scariest is a superbug, where your body rejects every type of antibiotic. That’s why you should opt for natural remedies instead. Got a sore throat? Drink lots of warm liquids, make a lemon-honey-ginger mix or droplets, and take plenty of rest. Don’t reach out for that cough syrup just yet! Research on natural remedies for any sickness and run it by your doctor.

Low-intensity Exercises Every Day

Instead of going to a high-intensity workout, such as boxing or going ham in weightlifting twice a week, go for lighter exercises that take a shorter time but is possible to be done every day. You can do a fifteen-minute floor workout every morning, or do yoga before bed. Or you can swim for thirty minutes after work. This will still increase your immune system and keep your body healthy, and won’t cause you to exhaust yourself which can lead to joint pains or be sick.

vegetable soupA Balanced Diet

Yes, we know you’ve heard this a million and one times. But, it is one of the most effective ways of boosting up your immune system. You don’t need to take vitamin supplements or do any detox. All you need is a balanced diet. The first thing to avoid is to eat until you’re insanely full, or postponing meals until you’re dangerously hungry. Instead, try eating more meals with smaller portions, around four to five times a day every four hours should do. This will train your stomach for smaller meals, and it can digest nutrients better. Next, you’ll have to include an equal portion of carbohydrates, sugar, sodium, healthy fat, protein, vegetables and fruits. A balanced diet more or less looks like this: Potatoes (carbs), chicken breast (protein and salt), spinach, and an apple (vitamin C and sugar).…